Rules & Regulations...

  • All litter to be removed from the venue, do not leave bait on banks

  • No fish to be taken away under any circumstance

  • Night anglers on Beech Pool and Spring Pool must use proper fishing shelters, umbrellas or bivvies only

  • Please approach waters by authorized footpaths only

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times

  • No open fires or BBQs. Except at the designated BBQ area.

  • Shielded stoves must be used with care to avoid fire risk.

  • No guns (including air guns) or any other means of trapping game to be in member's possession

  • All anglers must abide by Environmental Agency Regulations

  • A maximum of two rods may be fished at any one time

  • No freshwater live or dead baits to be brought to be used.

  • No baited rod to be left unattended at any time

  • No angler may use boats of any description or any inflatable device for any purpose

  • Any angler will not fish further than the middle of the water

  • All anglers must use suitable unhooking mats (minimum 2ft x 4ft, also available for hire).

  • Keep noise to a minimum, this includes bite alarms

  • No bait boats

  • All anglers must use suitable landing nets (available for hire).

  • Any persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person at all times

  • Do not fish further than the middle of the water if the opposite swim is occupied

  • Torches to be used sensibly at dawn and dusk to not cause a nuisance to residents

The above rules are there to protect the welfare of our Anglers and our Fish Stocks, repeated failure to comply with our rules will result in ejection from our Fishery.


Thank you for your cooperation.


© 2020 Springwood Fishery