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Experience our four unique pools...

At Springwood Fishery we take pride in our beautiful pools, all of which are situated within a stunning woodland setting. Our pools give our anglers variety and choice as to how and what they would like to fish and we try to make them as varied and enjoyable as possible. 

Top pool

Top Pool is the water on the left as you enter our fishery. It is ideal for elderly and disabled anglers as it offers flat banks and is located right next to the car park. This is our most family-friendly pool as we have provided picnic tables where non-anglers can eat and relax. Top Pool is by far the smallest on-site and is also the easiest to fish. Great for beginners, Top Pool has banks that slope down at 45 degrees to a fairly flat bottom. Depth varies from 18 inches to 5 feet.


Top Pool holds Common, Mirror and Grass Carp which run to over 20lbs. Additional catches include Bream up to 3lbs, Tench, Perch and a few Golden Orfe. Most popular baits include maggots, sweetcorn and pellets for Silver fish and luncheon meat, bread and pellets being more popular with the Carp.


During the summer, when the fish can be seen cruising on or just under the surface of the water, floating baits such as bread and dog biscuits can prove fruitful. During busier periods, fishing on the margins of the water away from other anglers can give good results.


If you're looking for a relaxing pool to fish with friends or family, Top Pool is the best choice for you. Its excellent accessibility and easy fishing make it perfect for anyone just looking for some time out around the lake.


Spring pool

The largest of our waters at a massive three acres in size, Spring Pool can accommodate at least 20 anglers at a time. Spring Pool has a peninsula leading to an island from which the majority of the lake can be fished. If you're looking for that big catch, then Spring Pool is for you. Catfish weighing in at over 60lbs can be caught here in addition to Common, Mirror and Grass Carp which run up to 30lbs. Tench to 8lbs, Bream to 6lbs, Perch to 4lbs and Rudd to nearly 2lbs can also be found in Spring Pool - if you're a specimen angler, this is the place to be!


Spring Pool sits in a lovely woodland setting, surrounded by trees and bushes. A path runs around the circumference of the lake to provide access to the pegs. There are also routes that lead to small cul-de-sacs with isolated pegs for those anglers who wish to hide away from others fishing in the same area.

The deepest of the four lakes, Spring Pool measures 14 feet in depth at the centre, with banks that slope gently towards the centre. This makes plumbing the depth essential for those anglers who are fishing the pole or the waggler - most anglers go equipped to fish using modern or traditional carping techniques with strong lines, that are essential to catch those big Catfish and Carp.


When going for the Carp, the most popular baits tend to be halibut pellets, boilies and meat whilst large halibut pellets, big chunks of meat and bunches of lobworms are good for the Catfish.


Long pool

Popular for small club matches, Long Pool is the first you come to after walking down the path from the two lodges nearest the car park. Pegs are available, however, you may choose to fish from the grass as well if you wish. The long pool has banks that drop steeply to the bottom, with a maximum depth of between 6-7 feet.


The fish in Long Pool are generally slightly larger than those found in Top Pool. The Common and Mirror Carp run to between 20lbs-30lbs and the Grass Carp to 25lbs. In addition to the Carp, we also have good stocks of decently sized Perch which in the past have been caught at up to 4lbs. There is also a good volume of Rudd which weigh in at around 1lb.

Similar to previously mentioned pools, maggots, sweetcorn, pellets and bread all work well here, In addition to these baits, paste baits have also been known to work well on occasions. As with most pools, floating baits work best in the summer you may also benefit from throwing in a few free offerings at regular intervals during your stay to grab the interest of the fish that reside here.


Please note that night fishing is not permitted in Long Pool.



Beech pool

This half-acre pool is surrounded entirely by trees and bushes, with a path running around the circumference of the water. Beech Pool will appeal to the more adventurous angler. It features six pegs, although other areas can be fished from the bank should you wish to. The largest fish in Beech Pool are again the large Catfish and Carp, with some particularly impressive Grass Carp, previously caught at up to 30lbs. Common and Mirror Carp up to 26lbs, with smaller 5lb Tench, Perch, Bream and Rudd also present.


Beech Pool has a depth of up to 14 feet and has steeply sloping banks down to the centre, it can be fished on the ledger or the feeder, although the pole and waggler can also be used in the shallower regions.

As for bait, large halibut pellets, slices of meat and/or lobworms work particularly nicely to catch the Catfish here, whilst boilies, pellets and sweetcorn are recommended for Carp. Maggots, casters, expander pellets and bread flake work particularly well for the smaller species of fish in Beech Pool, with maggot and worms being the best bait for catching Perch.


Like the other open-air pools at Springwood, summer sees the Carp falling for surface baits of floating pellets or bread crust. Night fishing is permitted all year round in Beech Pool.

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